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Topics for Percussion Studentswe never rest

  • Mallets DO Matter: Developing Good Sounds on Percussion Instruments
  • Learn a New Piece the Smart Way
  • Real Ideas for Quality, Efficient Practicing
  • Beginning Hand Drum Technique for Programs Without World Music
  • Love Your Rolls: Conquer the Buzz Roll
  • Maintain Your Percussion Gear (So You Don’t Have to Buy More)
  • Sight-Reading is Essential, But How Do You Practice Sight-Reading?
  • Executing Orchestral Excerpts With Grace

Topics for General Audiencesteaching face

  • The Role of Percussion in Orchestras and Bands
  • Touchstone Repertoire in Percussion Literature
  • Applying and Auditioning for the College-Bound
  • How Does an Orchestra Work?

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